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When designing a template for your mobile app, there’s always the need of using images, icons, and various other UI assets. If you’re only working on a prototype, investing too much time or money for purchasing¬†these¬†assets is not really worth it, so you always end up looking for free mobile icons and images. In this article, we list a handful of websites that offer free mobile icons and images, which you can use in your mobile app, without worrying about copyright infringement.

Websites with Free Images

  1.¬†– This is by far our favorite at We designed many of our iOS themes using assets downloaded from Pixabay. The website contains almost a million stunning images. You can find free stock photos, vector and art illustrations, as well as videos. The quality of their assets is amazing and everything is free for commercial use. The search functionality is powerful and gives you the ability to quickly find what you’re looking for, by typing in keywords related to your mobile app’s theme.
  2.¬†– You have to include this into your design toolkit. Similar to Pixabay, gives you access to thousands of free wonderful images. While in reality there are no real advantages¬†on either side,¬†it’s usually a good idea to look for pictures on all these websites, to make sure you’re picking the most amazing photo that fits your needs. Pexels¬†also provides an API, which can be used by developers in their apps (similar to Flickr’s API). So if you’re looking to build an Android or iOS app that searches for photos, this might be the perfect tool for you.
  3.,¬†– These are other websites that offer thousands of photos that can be downloaded for free. You should definitely check these out when you’re looking for the perfect photo. Even if originally these websites were meant for web designers, the assets found there can easily be adapted to the mobile app design practices.

Websites with Free Mobile Icons

  1.¬†– It’s by far the most amazing website if you’re looking for great free mobile icons. This site contains a large variety of great looking icons and each of them is adapted to specific operating systems. They have icons for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Web. Before downloading one of these free images, you can use a built-in editor to customize the icon. You can choose a background color (it can also be transparent, which is a frequent use case for designing mobile apps), a color of the icon, its corner radius and a bunch of other useful things for a mobile designer. In addition to these, they also have a stunning search functionality, which saves you a lot of trouble.
  2. – Similar to the website above, Icon Finder offers thousands of free icons, available for use right way in your mobile apps. The website has similar search features as, and you can download the free images in different formats (SVG, PNG, AI, ICO, CSH, etc). The only customization you can do before downloading the asset is choosing its size (which is always square, but this is fair enough).
  3.¬†– If you’re not looking for something fancy, but for something really generic (like a Home icon), you can use this website. Unfortunately, they only enable you to download a set of free mobile icons and you’ll have to do the search manually. Not ideally, but at least you get access to more icon ideas.

We hope you’ll enjoy these free mobile design resources! Definitely, let us know what other awesome similar products we’re missing out on.

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Yinan Chen · February 28, 2017 at 9:14 pm

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