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While we are solely building iOS App Templates, being huge fans of Swift, there’s a whole other world out there, when it comes to mobile, and that’s the Android side. In this article, we thought about taking a look at the dark side, and see what are the best Android app templates of 2023, that you could use for inspiration in your mobile app design and development process.

If you are looking for a cross-platform solution that works for both iOS and Android, you can check out this detailed list of the best app templates on the market.

We’ve tried our best to curate only up-to-date Kotlin templates, that are truly gorgeous. After all, all of our iOS customers who become successful want to eventually launch an Android app as well, so they are turning to app templates again, in order to bootstrap the app development process, and save a ton of money.

1. Dating App Template for Android

If you’re looking to build your own Tinder clone for Android, check out this amazing Android Dating app template. It has been released recently, which means it’s really up to date when it comes to code compatibility and Kotlin coolness. android app templates With amazing rich features, such as the Tinder Swipe cards, Matching, Realtime Chat, and Photo Galleries, this Android app template is the best dating template you can find on the market as of 2019. On top of that, it is also integrated with Firebase backend, which means you can launch a dating app to the Google Play Store literally in minutes. Developing such a powerful dating app in Kotlin is extremely expensive, and it probably cost more than $5000 to reach feature parity. So it’s really a steal, given Instakotlin is giving it away for such a low price.

2. Android Chat App Template

Any Android developer has dealt with building an Android chat app eventually. Almost all the apps have it, be it the core functionality or a nice to have feature helping with customer support. Chances are you’ll need to implement a chat feature in your development career. Fortunately, we found this beautiful Android Chat App Template, that works in real-time and is fully integrated with a backend system (Firebase Firestore). It has a set of amazing features, such as 1:1 chat, group chatting, photo messaging, and more. The app is really slick, performant and optimized for smooth user experience. Best Android App Templates Additionally, users can manage their friendships, by adding, rejecting and accepting friend requests. As you can see from the screenshot, the design is inspired by Facebook Messenger, having even a stories tray. This is by far one of the most complete Android app template of 2023, that you can find on the marketplace. And yes, it is 100% written in Kotlin.

3. Restaurant App Template for Android

Food delivery apps have become mainstream. Companies such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Deliveroo, etc. have revolutionized the food delivery process. So chances are building a restaurant app for Android is becoming more and more popular. This Restaurant App Template for Android allows developers to bootstrap their app development for restaurant apps or food delivery apps. You can check out all the features on the product page, but to name a few: shopping cart, order placement, backend integration, onboarding screens, etc. free android app templates As you’d expect by this point, this Android app template is also fully coded in Kotlin, which is the new cool kid in town, if you’re into Android development. The best part about this Android app template is that, given the fully functional shopping cart feature, it can be easily converted into an e-commerce native app. Think about it – if you change all your products to represent shopping items rather than food items, you can pretty much see the shopping app already.

4. E-commerce Android App Template

If you ever end up working on a native mobile e-commerce app for Android, check out this Kotlin app template. With a great design, featuring multiple product formats (such as carousels, grids, and lists), this Kotlin template can save you a few weeks of development, and a few thousand bucks. Kotlin app templates Using a shopping Android app template to jumpstart the development of your Kotlin app is a smart idea. You get to save thousands of dollars and many months of development, by shipping your product faster and at a fraction of the cost. Mobile development is extremely expensive and complex. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you get to focus on what truly matters for your Android business, such as your customers and marketing. This is why it’s highly recommended to use an Android app template to develop your minimum viable product.

5. Video Conference App Template

video conference app This gorgeous Video Conference App Template is another great source code to speed up your app development. You can simply add a video chat feature to any Kotlin app with a single line of code. That’s just mind-blowing. You can skip at least 3 months of hard development work and save more than $10,000 just by simply downloading this library. Kotlin is a fairly new programming language, and the number of Android app templates in the marketplace (as of 2019) is not that high. But the Android templates that we’ve featured in this post are truly exceptional, both in terms of design and code quality. You can also find a number of free Android app templates on Github, but unfortunately, most of them are still written in Java, which is being deprecated by Google, in Android app development. Even if you’re just looking to learn Kotlin, getting your hands dirty with a free/open-source starter kit is an effective way to learn Android development quickly. Especially if you already know how to code (in a different language). Kotlin is very similar to Java, so a starter kit will teach you the general syntax and program lifecycle easily. In other words, learn by doing. Did we miss any gorgeous Android app templates? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, if you’ve found it useful. Looking forward to all the Android app templates that y’all are going to recommend.

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