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Xcode, Apple’s primary development environment, offers a multitude of shortcuts to boost your productivity. Familiarizing yourself with these shortcuts can significantly speed up your development process. In this tutorial, we'll delve into the top Xcode shortcuts every iOS developer should have in their arsenal.


Table of Contents

Navigating Files and Code

  1. Jump to Definition

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Click on a method/variable
    • This shortcut enables you to quickly navigate to the definition of a method, class, or variable.
      func exampleFunction() {
        print("Hello, World!")

      Just Cmd + Click on exampleFunction anywhere it's used to jump to its definition.

  2. Open Quickly

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Shift + O
    • This opens a dialog where you can quickly find and open any file or symbol.
      // Type the name of the file or symbol in the dialog
      // E.g., "ViewController.swift"
  3. Switch Between Header and Implementation

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow
    • Toggle between the header .h file and its corresponding implementation .m or .swift file.

      // ViewController.h
      @interface ViewController : UIViewController
      // ViewController.m
      @implementation ViewController

Editing Code

  1. Comment / Uncomment Code

    • Shortcut: Cmd + /
    • Quickly comment out a line or a selected block of code.
      // Cmd + / will toggle commenting for the selected lines
      print("This line is commented")
      // print("This line is uncommented")
  2. Duplicate Lines

    • Shortcut: Cmd + D
    • Duplicate the current line or selected block.
      print("Original line")
      print("Original line") // Duplicate using Cmd + D
  3. Delete Line

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Delete
    • Removes the current line or selected block.
      print("This line will be deleted") // Use Cmd + Delete


  1. Toggle Breakpoint

    • Shortcut: Cmd + \
    • Set or remove a breakpoint on the current line.
      func debugFunction() {
        print("Breakpoint here") // Cmd + \ to toggle breakpoint
  2. Activate/Deactivate All Breakpoints

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Y
    • Control all the breakpoints in your project with a single command.

Interface Builder

  1. Zoom In/Out on Interface Builder Canvas

    • Shortcut: Cmd + = or Cmd + -
    • Adjust your view of the Interface Builder canvas to see more or less detail.
      // No code snippet needed. Use this directly in the Interface Builder.
  2. Toggle Sidebar in Interface Builder

    • Shortcut: Cmd + 0
    • Quickly hide or reveal the sidebar in Interface Builder for a broader view of your canvas.

Simulator Controls

  1. Rotate Simulator Left/Right

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Left Arrow or Cmd + Right Arrow
    • Rotate your simulator to landscape or portrait orientations.
      // No code snippet needed. Use this directly in the iOS Simulator.
  2. Go Home in Simulator

    • Shortcut: Cmd + Shift + H
    • Mimic the "Home" button press on devices without a physical button.
      // No code snippet needed. Use this directly in the iOS Simulator.

Conclusion: Mastering these shortcuts will streamline your iOS development in Xcode. Practice using them until they become second nature, and you'll find your efficiency significantly improved. Happy coding!

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