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Building a mobile app used to be a difficult job and only well-versed mobile developers had the ability to do it. But as the mobile development industry evolved over the last few years, the bar for creating an iOS app lowered, and so did the price. Both entrepreneurs and beginners in programming can easily create their own iOS apps now, with minimum coding skills, thanks to a ton of app templates that have emerged as the mobile industry took off. In this article, we are listing the best free iOS app templates of 2023, which you can freely use to create your own app in just a few minutes and with no financial investment. These app templates are also a great way to learn Swift or Objective-C or to just get your hands dirty with the iOS development process.

1. Messenger iOS Chat App Template

messenger swift iOS chat app free cover Almost any mobile app has a use case where a chat functionality may come in handy for its users. Messaging is such a crucial and popular feature, but it’s really hard to get it right. Until now. Why would you waste thousands of hours and dollars building an iOS chat app from scratch, when you can use this free iOS Chat App template, which is fully functional and backed by Firebase? The project is a Facebook Messenger clone, supporting features such as:

  • One to one messaging
  • Real-time updates
  • Backend integration with Firebase
  • User management with Firebase
  • Emojis

If you’re looking for more advanced messaging features, such as group chats or photo sharing, you can also check out the Pro version: an amazing Group Chat App Template.

2. Swift Radio Pro App Template

free swift radio iOS app template Make your own professional radio station app using this open-source Swift app template. With more than 2000 stars on Github, this app template is extremely rich in features and there have been more than 80 apps that used this source code, released to the App Store. With a gorgeous design, you can speed up your app development by adding features such as:

  • Multi-Station support
  • Background audio performance
  • Functional Music Player
  • Lock Screen Music Playing

It comes with an amazing community and with extensive documentation on how to get started. Definitely one of the best project to check out before you start building your own radio station app.

3. Free Photo Editing App Template

Instagram exploded in the past years, reaching over 1 billion users. Their main breakthrough was adding photo filters into their app. If you’re looking to build any social network app, chatting app or photo-sharing app, having a photo editing functionality is crucial to the success of your venture. Don’t reinvent the wheel by starting such a feature from scratch. We got you covered. Meet PixPic¬†– an open-source Photo Editing iOS app template. photo editing iOS app template This fully functional project allows users to edit their photos, by adding stickers to them. With more than 1000 Github stars, the Swift project can also help new iOS developers who are barely getting started with Swift development, by providing them with a great architecture lesson – the template is a great way to learn the most popular design patterns (MVC), given its clean architecture.

4. Free Cryptocurrency iOS App Template

Cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream within the last year, so more and more crypto apps are popping up. If you’re looking to make your own cryptocurrency iOS app, you might wanna take a look at BitPrice – a crypto iOS app tracking the price of Bitcoin. finance crypto iOS app template You can monitor the price with a simple chart. The dashboard has only one app screen, but it supports multiple time intervals for the prices (week, month, year). It’s definitely a great way to get yourself familiar with crypto finance iOS development.

5. Free Swift Login Screen Template

99% of apps require users to create an account and then log in. Most of the apps offer a single sign-on solution for user registration, such as Facebook Login. This means that most iOS developers will need to implement a Facebook Login at some point in their career. The tasks of integrating Facebook SDKs and Firebase SDKs can easily take a few days, especially if you run into any build issues with the dependency graph. Jumpstart your app development and start with an existing onboarding template, such as this free swift login screen template, created by Instamobile. ios login screen template swift 3 cover Save a hundred hours of design and development time with this open-source project, supporting:

  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Email & Password Auth
  • User Management via Firebase Auth

The Github repo also comes with detailed documentation on how to get started and how to set up all your 3rd party app keys. Give it a shot and make sure you provide feedback to the team. These are the best free iOS app templates of 2023. In case we missed anything beautiful, please let us know in the comments. We’d love to learn more. PS: For those of you interested in quickly launching an Android counterpart for your app, check out these ready to use Android app templates. ¬†

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