• Multi-restaurant UberEats Clone app for iOS
  • Full source code, written in Swift
  • Contains 3 fully functional iOS apps:
    • UberEats Clone App
    • Delivery Boy (Driver) App
    • Restaurant Dashboard App
  • Integrated with Backend (Firebase)
  • Geolocation, Shopping Cart, Apple Pay, Dark Mode, etc.
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Money back guaranteed

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  • 15+ fully functional mobile apps
  • 600+ screens
  • 1,000+ features
  • 200,000+ lines of code
  • 1000+ paid customers
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Launch a UberEats Clone app for iOS in minutes

Download our full source code to launch a UberEats clone app in minutes. With a complete backend integration (Firebase), this food ordering & delivery app template is the best & most effective way to build a world class on-demand delivery app.

Our multi-restaurant food ordering app has a number of awesome features, such as geolocation, maps, shopping cart, Stripe payments, Touch ID / Face ID, Apple Sign in, and many more. This UberEats Clone app is the most complete iOS app template for on-demand businesses, available on the market.

While we are showcasing this product as a UberEats / Doordash / Postmates clone app, in reality you can use it to launch any type of on-demand ordering & delivery marketplace with multiple vendors. A few examples can include:

  • Grocery Delivery (e.g. Instacart, Amazon Whole Foods)
  • Flower Delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Courier Delivery
  • Marijuana Delivery

You can launch any of these apps in minutes!

Why Buy Our UberEats clone

  • Save 6 months of development
  • Save more than $10,000 dollars
  • Avoid writing 50,000 lines of code
  • Built by former Twitter, Facebook & Instagram software engineers
  • High quality codebase
  • Optimized for user growth, conversions and visual performance

UberEats Clone Designs (100+ screens)

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delivery app template

Driver App – Previews

Restaurant Admin Dashboard App – Previews

UberEats Clone – Features

  • Shopping Experience
    • Multiple Restaurants / Multiple Vendors
    • Geolocation
    • Maps with restaurants nearby
    • Advanced Custom Dynamic Filters
    • Search
    • Categories
    • Order History
    • Reorder” functionality
    • Favorite Restaurants feature
  • Order Tracking
    • Real-time Order Updates
    • Driver Tracking on Map
    • Real-time Chat with Driver
    • Time Estimates
  • Checkout Flow
    • Edit Shopping Cart items
    • Edit quantity
    • Remove from shopping cart
    • Full physical address support
    • Optimized for high conversion rate
  • Payments support
    • Apple Pay
    • Credit/debit card payments with Stripe
    • Full Stripe integration (end to end)
  • Localization & RTL support
    • You can translate the entire app in any language, by simply translating one file (no coding required)
    • The app in RTL looks amazing!
  • Ratings & Reviews System
    • Add Review
    • View Reviews
    • Automatic rating calculation
  • Restaurant / Vendor Admin Dashboard
      • Visualize customer orders from your own restaurant (as the restaurant owner)
      • Update order statuses
      • Multiple vendor admin roles
  • God Mode / Admin Dashboard
    • Visualize customer orders from ALL restaurants
    • Update order statuses
    • Multiple admin roles
  • Dark Mode support
  • Customer / User Account Management
    • Login  & Registration
    • Login with E-mail and Password
    • Login with Facebook
    • Sign in with Apple
    • Login with Face ID / Touch ID
    • “Remember Password” functionality
    • Logout
  • Profile
    • Upload profile photo (with Firebase Storage)
    • Edit account details (e-mail, name, password, etc.)
    • Order History
    • Favorite restaurants
    • Settings
    • Contact us
  • Performance Improvements
    • Image caching
    • Loading State HUDs
    • Empty States
    • Native Animations
    • Error messages

Driver App (Delivery Boy App)

  • Go Online / Offline
  • Accept / Reject Incoming Orders
  • Real-time Map Directions to Restaurant (Pick up)
  • Real-time Map Directions to User’s Address (Delivery)
  • Complete Order
  • Delivery History
  • Push Notifications
  • Geolocation / Geodirections
  • Chat with Buyer
    • Real-time Chat
    • Photo, Video and Audio Messages
    • Emojis Support
    • In-reply To feature
    • Push Notifications on messages
  • Profile & Settings
    • Edit Account Details
    • Settings
    • Contact Us
    • Profile Photo
  • Login & Registration
    • Login with Facebook
    • Sign in with Apple (iOS only)
    • Email & Password Login & Registration
    • SMS Phone Number Login & Registration (OTP)
    • Country Code Picker
    • Forgot Password
    • Logout
    • Persistent Login Credentials
  • Walkthrough Flow
  • Dark Mode
  • Localization & RTL

Restaurant Admin App (Dashboard)

  • Accept / Reject Orders
  • Order History
  • Push Notifications
  • Localization & RTL
  • Dark Mode
  • Profile & Settings
    • Edit Account Details
    • Settings
    • Contact Us
    • Profile Photo
  • Login & Registration
    • Login with Facebook
    • Sign in with Apple (iOS only)
    • Email & Password Login & Registration
    • SMS Phone Number Login & Registration (OTP)
    • Country Code Picker
    • Forgot Password
    • Logout
    • Persistent Login Credentials
  • Walkthrough Flow

Backend (Firebase Functions)

  • Dispatcher to Restaurants
  • Dispatcher to Drivers
  • Order Completion
  • Order Tracking
  • Push Notifications

Our iOS UberEats clone app template is a fully-fledged app. Integrated entirely with Firebase backend, all features listed on the product page are fully functional. You can launch an MVP for your new business in minutes, rather than waiting for 6 months, only to reinvent the wheel and waste tens of thousands of dollars. Focus on building a great on-demand multi-vendor business, rather than wasting your energy on making an app from scratch. Launch fast and get feedback from your customers as soon as possible, to adapt and iterate quickly. Reinvest the money saved on design & development, into something more important, such as marketing or growth.

Starting a food ordering business has never been so convenient, fast and affordable.

Even if you are not building a business, and you’re looking to only learn Swift and iOS app development, this UberEats clone source code will teach you how to make an world class on-demand multi-vendor marketplace app. The code has been architected and written by former Instagram & Facebook senior engineers, so you are learning from some of the best iOS developers in the industry.

Is there anything missing from our on-demand UberEats clone? We are always happy to add new features and we are open to suggestions 24/7. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions for us, about this iOS UberEats app template.

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