• Shopify iOS App Template
  • Compatible with any Shopify store
  • Payments Support with Stripe & Apple Pay
  • Xcode project written in Swift
  • Push Notifications
  • Money back guaranteed

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Turn your Shopify store into a mobile app in seconds

Wondering how can you turn a Shopify store into an iOS app? Download this good looking Shopify iOS App Template and make your own e-commerce app for Shopify in seconds. The app automatically displays collections and products from a given Shopify site (via Shopify API) and allows your customers to add orders. Written in Swift, this app template is fully functional, so you can literally submit your shopping app to the App Store today.
Use this Shopify starter kit to create a shopping app for iOS quickly. Save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. Get ahead of your competitors with a beautiful native app for iPhones and iPads.

Why Use Our Shopify App Template

  • Save at least $5,000 dollars
  • Save 3 to 6 months of development
  • We already wrote 30,000 lines of code for you.
  • Get high-quality code written by former Twitter & Instagram iOS engineers
  • Launch an MVP in a matter of hours
  • Save a ton of energy and headaches

How it works

  • Download this Shopify iOS App Template
  • Link your Shopify Account to it (by following our detailed documentation)
  • Publish the app to the App Store

Boost sales with more loyal customers

By offering your customers a native iOS app, you increase your customer retention, keeping them close to your brand. You can have them engage more with your brand by sending out push notifications and tempting promotions. Additionally, your brand will gain more value in the eyes of your clients, with this iOS app featuring seamless native experiences for browsing products, checking out, and payments.

iOS Shopify App Template

Main Screens

shopify ios app templateecommerce app templatenative ecommerce templatestore front app shopifyapple pay iOS shopifyshopping cart swift shopifyshopify app iosfashion app iosecommerce app uiecommerce design kitshopify ui kit

Customer Profile Screens

ecommerce ui kit iOSshopify shopping ui kitshopping ui kit iPhonesettings screens iOSnative shopify appshopify native shopping app

Checkout Flow with Stripe

shopping cart swiftstripe iOS Swiftcard reader iOScard payment shopifyapple pay stripe swiftaddress picker Xcodedelivery app iOSshopify e-commerce designs iOS

New User Onboarding

shopping app design templateapp design template iOSapp design template swiftshopify design template iOSshopify app design kitshopify app ui kitstore app ui kitshopify storefront app templatecustomer app templatedesign kit swiftshopify starter kit iOSui kit shopify

Secondary App Screens

shopify app design templatemobile shopping ui design kitproduct details swiftshopify app template uimobile shopping templatemobile shopify ui kitcontact shopping appmobile store native shopify

Shopify App Features

  • Automatic Shopify Store Integration
  • Shopify Collections & Products
  • Payments with Stripe and Apple Pay
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout Flow
  • Order History
  • Reorder functionality
  • Push Notifications
  • Advanced Shipping Options (tax, discounts, address)
  • Wishlist
  • Real-time Data Updates
  • Search
  • Customer Management (Registration, Login, Social Login, Logout) with Firebase
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Login with Facebook
  • Face ID / Touch ID Login
  • Dark Mode support
  • Profile & Account Details
  • Highly modularized Swift source code

Want to add Shopify to your iOS project written in Swift? Leverage our Shopify mobile app integration to save time and energy. Follow our documentation step by step to launch your own iOS app to the App Store in just a matter of hours.