• Personal Finance App Template for iOS
  • Banking, Investing, Budget Tracking, Market News
  • Stocks, Bonds, Crypto, Portfolio Management
  • Written in Swift, running in Xcode
  • Money back guaranteed

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Launch a Financial Mobile App to the App Store today

Download our functional Personal Finance App Template for iOS, written in Swift, to make your own financial mobile app in minutes. This beautiful finance app template comes fully integrated with Firebase backend, and it has a wide range of banking & investing features that can be adapted to a large variety of use cases. Listing a few examples of apps that you can build with our fully implemented Finance UI Kit:

Crafted with high-quality design elements, the iOS finance app template, written in Swift, provides you with a great headstart in developing a new mobile app. Jumpstart your app development quickly, save thousands of dollars and months of sweat and struggles, by buying our app template. Launch faster to maximize your chances of success.

Finance UI Kit

You can download the Sketch project on Mobile Templates.

New User Onboarding

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Net Worth & Wealth Distribution

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Expense Tracker

expense tracker app templateexpense tracker appexpense planner app templatebudget planning template

Investment Portfolio

investment portfolio app templateportfolio app template ioscrypto portfolio app templatemarket news app template

Stock Trading & Watchlist

stocks app templateiOS stock trading app templatestocks buying app templatestocks selling app templateswift stocks trading appstocks search appstocks watchlist app template

Crypto Trading App Template

crypto trading app template ioscrypto mobile ui kitbuy and sell bitcoin app

Mobile Banking UI Kit

mobile banking app templatebank app template iosfinancial institution ui kit

Market News

market news app template iosmarketwatch clonestock market app template

Secondary Finance UI Designs

market notifications appinvestment app template swiftsettings mobile banking appprofile screen swift

Features – Finance App Template

  • Beautiful Financial Charts & Cards
  • Net Worth & Wealth Distribution
    • Overall Net Worth Progress in Line Chart
    • Time Ranges (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and All)
    • Cash, Investments & Liabilities Distribution
  • Budget Tracker
    • Pie Chart of Expense Distribution
    • Expense Categories
    • Transaction History for Each Expense Category
  • Stocks Trading
    • Stocks Portfolio Chart with Progress over time
    • Stocks WatchList
    • Buy & Sell Stocks
    • Stocks Stats & Your Position
    • Stocks Market News
    • Stocks Search
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
    • Crypto Portfolio
    • Crypto Watchlist
    • Buy & Sell Cryptos
    • Cryptos Stats & Your Position
    • Crypto Market News
    • Cryptocurrency Search
  • Bank Accounts
    • Gorgeous Bank Accounts List
    • Bank Account Transaction History
    • Linking New Finance Account
  • Market News
    • List of Articles
    • Article Details in Webview
  • Push Notifications
  • Profile Screen
    • Edit Account Details
    • Settings & Preferences Screen
    • Logout
  • Tabbar & Sidebar navigation
  • User Management with Firebase
    • Login/Registration with Facebook
    • Login/Sign Up with E-mail & Password
    • Logout

Make your own Mobile Finance app for iOS, by leveraging our beautiful fully coded Finance UI Kit. Offer your users a beautiful native experience, with a ton of great features, right from the beginning. Don’t reinvent the wheel and use our product, which is the result of months of research, design, and development. Here’s what your users could do today in your app:

  • Quickly visualize your total net worth across all accounts as well as your financial progress over time
  • Track and trade stocks
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with your fingertips
  • Track your expenses and view their distribution per category
  • Stay on top of the market with awesome news on stocks, crypto, real estate, etc
  • Link all of your bank accounts and manage them in a single app
  • Receive notifications when important events occur, such as payments, deposits or news

Technical Details

  • Highly modularized code, easy to customize. Here are the code snippets of a couple of configuration files:
    finance app swift source code bank app source code
  • The Swift source code is running with the latest version of Xcode
  • The code is well architected so that adding your own data sources is trivial (your data source just needs to implement a simple protocol)
  • Beautiful & modularized UI Design Kit
  • Compatible with all iOS devices, including iPads
  • We provide comprehensive documentation of how to set up our banking app template

Build your own Personal Financial Management app today with this amazing finance app template. Creating a Robinhood clone, Coinbase clone, Personal Capital clone, or Wealthfront clone has never been easier with our stocks & crypto trading platform UI Design Kit.

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