• iOS Fitness App Template in SwiftUI
  • Charts, Workout Programs, Stats, Social Features, etc.
  • Fitness, nutrition, diet, workout, community, podcasts, settings, etc.
  • Written in SwiftUI & Swift, using Xcode
  • Money back guaranteed
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Make a Fitness App for iOS More Quickly

Download our beautiful fitness app template for iOS, written in Swift and SwiftUI, to make your own fitness app more quickly. We’ve already built the hard part so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Our fitness app template is a fully functional UI Kit, with frontend completely coded in SwiftUI.

With beautiful animations, stunning design and the most modern source code, this SwiftUI starter kit is the best way to accelerate the development of your fitness app for iOS.

Save 6 months of design and development

Our templates have a ton of features. We already went through all the design stages, such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, designing, a/b testing, coding, QA, etc. – so that you don’t need to start everything from scratch.  We’ve designed beautiful UI Kits, conforming to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, that are highly attractive, eye-catching, backed by great user experience.

All of our screens are optimized for Growth & Conversions, by designers with experience in companies such as Instagram and Twitter, so you really get a ton of value, that’s hard to put a price on.

Save thousands of dollars

We wrote the first 5000 lines of code for you. You have everything to get started: user management, stats, a fully coded iOS Design Kit. Don’t pay someone else to rewrite all this for you. Instead, focus on what really matters: what makes your app unique and stand out from the crowd. And invest all your energy and money into the crucial aspects of your new startup.

Fitness UI Kit in SwiftUI

Modern Tracking Fitness UI


Motivational / Podcasts

Custom Settings and Profile

Sharing experience and rewards

Catchy User Onboarding

Features & Screens

  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Diet
  • Interactive Charts
  • Meditation
  • Community & Social Network
  • In-App Subscription Screen
  • Podcasts
  • Explore
  • Notifications
  • Amazing new user onboarding flow
  • Drawer Menu
  • Tab Bar Menu
  • Settings
  • Invite a Friend
  • Feedback Screen

Built entirely with SwiftUI, this iOS app template is the first SwiftUI starter kit ever. Whether you’re looking to learn SwiftUI or to build the next successful health & wellness app, this SwiftUI app source code is the perfect codebase to start from. Accelerate your app development by saving 6 months of hard work.

Here are a few app ideas that you can build with this SwiftUI design system:

  • HealthKit app
  • Fitness app
  • Workout app
  • Nutrition & Diet app
  • Meditation app (e.g. Calm clone, Headspace clone)
  • Podcast app
  • Strava clone

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