• Facebook Clone App Source Code
  • Fully functional social network app
  • Integrated with Firebase Backend
  • Xcode project written in Swift 5
  • App Store Demo
  • Money back guaranteed
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Make your own social network app in minutes

Download our Facebook Clone App Template to make your own social network app for iOS in minutes. By buying our premium social network app template, you’ll be able to literally publish your new app to App Store today. The script comes with full backend integration (using Firebase), so everything is already set up for you, end to end.

To build a Facebook Clone App with this template, all you need to do is follow the documentation on how to set up your own free Firebase account and how to run the Swift project in Xcode. Once you customize the name, colors, fonts, etc. according to your needs, by following our detailed documentation, you can submit the app to Apple. There’s no coding required in order to launch this app, due to our comprehensive tutorials.

Why Use Our Facebook Clone App?

  • Launch 6 months faster
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Save energy, by skipping all the product development stages: prototyping, wireframing, designing, developing, bug-fixing, testing, etc.
  • Save headaches & stress, by not having to hire or fire designers, developers, product managers or testers.
  • High-quality code, written by former Facebook & Instagram engineers

Social Network UI Kit

Feeds (Home & Discover)

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Create Post

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Messaging & Group Chats

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Friendship Management

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Push Notifications

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User Profiles & Settings

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Secondary Screens

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Facebook Clone App Features

  • Home & Discover Feed
    • News Feed
    • Facebook Wall
    • Posts from friends
    • Everything is fully integrated with Firebase backend
    • Real-time updates from friends
    • Discover Feed (popular posts from non-friends)
    • Reverse chronological order
  • Stories
    • Add New Story
    • Camera
    • Import from Photo Library
    • Ephemeral: Stories disappear after 24h (customizable)
    • Unlimited stories per user
    • Videos & Photos
  • Posts
    • Create a new post
    • Check-ins
    • Multiple photo uploads / Photo Carousel
    • Interactive Location Picker
    • Import Photos from Library
    • Photo Camera integration
    • Videos
      • Upload from Library / Take Video
      • In-feed Autoplay
      • Video Player
      • Full screen video player
    • Full-screen Media Viewer
      • Pull to Dismiss
    • Full-screen Swipe Photo Carousel
    • Delete Post
    • Report / Block Post
    • Post Details with Comments List
    • Emojis
    • Automatic upload to Firebase Database and Storage
  • Reactions
    • Facebook Reactions (Like, Love, Angry, Wow, Dislike – customizable)
    • Undo Reaction
    • Notifications when someone reacts on your posts
    • Automatically synced to Firebase
  • Comments
    • Add a Comment
    • Reverse chronological order
    • Real-time Comment Count
  • Chat
    • Private 1-1 Messaging
    • Groups
      • Create a Group
      • Leave Group
      • Rename Group
    • Real-time Chat
    • Push Notifications for each message
    • Photo Sharing
    • Full-screen Media Viewer
    • Emojis
    • Clickable URLs
    • Fully integrated with Firebase Backend
  • Friendships Management
    • Add / Accept / Decline Friend Requests
    • Social graph management
    • Friends List
    • Friends of Friends List
    • Push Notifications on add & accept friend requests
    • Integrated with Firebase backend
    • Friends List
    • Search Friends
  • Profiles
    • Profile Photos
    • Friends List
    • Settings
    • Account Details
    • Edit Profile
  • User Management
    • New User Onboarding
    • Sign in with Apple
    • Login with Facebook
    • Login with E-mail & Password
    • Login with Face ID / Touch ID
    • Sign up
    • Terms of Service (required by Apple Guidelines)
    • Remember Password feature
    • Logout functionality
    • Integration with Firebase Auth & Firebase Storage
  • User Reporting & Blocking (required by Apple Guidelines)
  • Share Post to other social media apps (Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WeChat, Weibo, Copy Link, etc)
  • Push Notifications
  • Dark Mode support
  • Loading States
  • Empty States

Technical Details

  • Source code is written in Swift, running as an Xcode project
  • Backend with Firebase (Firebase Auth, Firebase Storage, and Firebase Firestore)
  • Highly-modularized code, to make customizations easy
  • Optimized for all iPhone & iPad devices
  • Compatible with iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 and iOS 14
  • Amazing Design optimized for Growth & UX
  • Detailed Documentation on Social Network App Template

Is there any feature missing from our Facebook Clone app? Please let us know, since our mission is to build the most complete and extensible social network app template currently available on the market.

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