• Cryptocurrency Exchange Template
  • iOS Coinbase Clone Script
  • Swift project, running in Xcode
  • Altcoin & Bitcoin Trading
  • Backend integration with Firebase
  • Money back guaranteed
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Launch Your Own Crypto App Quickly

Join the cryptocurrency revolution and profit from the Bitcoin boom, by launching your own crypto app for iOS today. Download our fully functional cryptocurrency exchange template, hook it up to your own Firebase backend system and launch a crypto trading app quickly.

With amazing features, this Coinbase Clone script is the most beautiful crypto app template on the market. Written by former Twitter & Facebook iOS engineers, you get the best possible quality in terms of design, functionality and code modularization.

Move fast! Save months of prototyping, design, and development, by bootstrapping your crypto app development with a fully coded app template. Bitcoin is skyrocketing in popularity, and so are all the solid altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Enigma, Libra, etc). So don’t waste precious time by starting your app from scratch. Even if you use a cryptocurrency development company for making your mobile app, you’ll still want to buy our app template, to give you a robust and solid code infrastructure, on which to found your brand new app.

Why Use Our Crypto App Template?

  • Move fast, to stay ahead of your competition. Cryptocurrency exchanges are popping up every day, so you can’t waste any minute. By bootstrapping your iOS app with our Cryptocurrency Exchange Template, you’ll save 3 months of designing, prototyping, wireframing, developing, testing and bug-fixing.
  • A solid foundation for your app. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Template has been written by former Twitter & Facebook iOS engineers, so you can’t possibly find a higher quality code unless you hire top 1% engineering talent. Even if you’re using a cryptocurrency development company, jumpstarting your app development with our Coinbase Clone will give you a solid code foundation, that’s scalable, reliable, and stunning.
  • Save Money. Mobile app development is expensive in general. It’s even more expensive for apps that require a ton of work, such as a crypto trading app. And it’s incredibly expensive if you hire top 1% engineering talent. Reduce your development costs significantly, by buying our crypto app template.
  • Save Energy and Stress. To build a mobile app, you’ll either have to code it up yourself (if you are a coder) or hire freelancers/companies to outsource it to them. Bad news: both strategies are extremely painful, stressful and exhausting. Trust us, we wrote this app ourselves. The level of attention to details needed for a high-quality app is unimaginable for most of the people out there. Every pixel matters! You’ll also have to deal with hiring and firing designers, freelancers, mobile developers, product managers, or testers.
  • Maximize your chances of success. Every new startup is high-risk, especially for a cryptocurrency startup, which has to thrive in uncharted territories. By getting your product to market quickly, by reducing mobile app development costs and by spending those savings on more critical aspects such as traction or marketing, you mitigate a ton of risk for your business. Focus your attention on the business, rather than on every pixel of the app, since we’ve already done that for you. Build a business, not an app.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Template – Demo

35+ Screens – Cryptocurrency Exchange Template

You can download the crypto UI Kit in Sketch, for free, on Mobile Templates.


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Secondary Screens

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Coinbase Clone Features

  • Crypto Portfolio
    • Financial charts with progress over time
    • Portfolio Distribution chart
    • Support for ALL cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Trading
    • Buy and sell any cryptocurrency
    • Stats & Your Position
    • Search
  • Crypto News
    • Top News
    • Market News on a per coin basis
    • In-app News Reading Webview
  • Crypto Watchlist
    • Save to Watchlist
    • Remove from Watchlist
    • View watchlist cryptocurrencies
  • Bank Accounts
    • Link New Bank Account
    • List of all accounts
  • Push Notifications
  • Profile
    • Profile Screen
    • Edit Profile Details
    • Edit/Remove Profile Picture
    • Photo uploads with Firebase Storage
    • Profile details integrated with Firebase Firestore
  • Contact Us
  • Settings
  • User Onboarding
    • Login with Facebook
    • Login with Biometrics (Face ID & Touch ID)
    • Classic Registration & Login with E-mail & Password
    • User Management with Firebase Auth and Firebase Storage
    • “Save Password” feature
    • Logout
    • New User Onboarding screens (walkthrough)

Given this wide range of awesome features, you can use this Cryptocurrency Exchange Template to create a ton of different crypto apps, such as:

  • Coinbase Clone
  • Gemini Clone
  • Binance Clone
  • Crypto Exchange app
  • Crypto Trading app
  • Crypto Portfolio app (e.g. Coinstats)
  • Crypto Investment app
  • Bitcoin Trading app
  • Bitcoin Wallet app
  • Crypto Wallet app
  • Crypto Payments app
  • Crypto News App
  • Crypto Tax App
  • etc.

At iOS App Templates, our mission is to provide developers and entrepreneurs with the most solid foundation for their mobile apps, in order to launch their startups faster. With this Coinbase Clone for iOS, we are offering a wide range of crypto app features, to help our customers join and profit from the cryptocurrency revolution, by jumpstarting their way into the growing crypto market. Buy this crypto app template and launch your app today.

Is there anything missing from our Cryptocurrency Exchange Template? Let us know and we’re going to build it. Our goal with this Coinbase Clone is to provide the most complete iOS crypto app on the market.

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