• Video & Audio Calling Chat App
  • The most complete messaging app on the market
  • Fully functional, integrated with backend
  • Group calls, push notifications, photo & video messaging, etc.
  • Push Kit and Call Kit integrations
  • Developer License only

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Build a Video Calling App in Swift in Minutes

Download our video & audio calling app template to launch your own messaging app more quickly. Save months of design and development by purchasing our gorgeous fully functional app template. You’ll get the full source code, with complete control over the functionalities of the app.

Why Buy Our Video & Audio Calling App Template?
  • Save 6 months of design and development
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By launching your mobile app faster, you’ll get to the market early, which will allow you to validate your idea before investing a ton of money into it. Collecting feedback from your users is the most crucial first step to validate an MVP. You also get to stay ahead of your competition, by moving fast, which is critical in the Internet era.

Integrate a fully fledged chat functionality into any existing iOS app, with only one line of code.

Video & Audio Calling App Designs

Main Screens

chat iOS app templatechat screen swiftvideo calling appvideo calling swiftcalling appcall app templatecall app swiftvideo app swiftswift video streaming
dark mode chat swiftchat swiftchat app templatesprofile screen swift

ios group chatgroup chat appgroup chat swiftcamera app swiftchat app swiftchat clone swiftphoto messaging app swiftcamera app xcodeswift messaging app ios

Push Notifications Support

chat starter kitpush notifications swiftchat push notifications firebase

Friendship Management

messenger clone scriptswift messaging app ios

User Profile & Settings

whatsapp clone appdiscord clone apptelegram clone appchat app swift

User Onboarding

chat app template swiftmessenger clone ioschat app xcodechat app templateiOS chat app swiftlet feedbackGenerator = UIImpactFeedbackGenerator(style: .light) feedbackGenerator.impactOccurred()swift chat app source codexcode chat app source code

Face ID / Touch ID

messaging app swifttouch id swiftface id swiftbiometrics swift

Secondary Screens

chat app templatechat app templatesmessenger clone appwebview swift

User Reporting Flow (requested by Apple)

falcon messengerswift messenger

Video & Calling App Template – Features

  • Video Calling
  • Group Calls
  • Audio Calls
  • Video Live Streaming
  • Audio Messages (Recorded messages)
  • Push Kit & Call Kit Integration
  • Locked Screen Support for Calls
  • Push Notifications
  • Text Messages
  • Video Messages
  • Photo Messages
  • Typing Indicators
  • Online status
  • Clickable URLs
  • Full screen media viewer with zooming
  • Camera & Photo Library integrations
  • Microphone & Camera integrations
  • Speaker Integration
  • Mute feature
  • Friendships Management
  • Real-time updates & real-time messaging
  • Search
  • Settings
  • User Profiles
  • Integrated with Backend
  • Emojis Support
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Messages Pagination for long conversations
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Login with Face ID / Touch ID
  • Login with Facebook
  • Account Management
  • Account Details
  • Blocking & Reporting users (per Apple’s guidelines)
  • Performance improvements
    • Image caching
    • Smooth loading states
    • Animations
    • Empty states

Add a Video Calling to Your Swift App with One Line of Code

Our code is extremely well modularized, so we made it plain simple for anyone to integrate our full chat functionality into any existing Swift app. Get push notifications, video calling, audio calling, group chats and everything else with only one line of code. Don’t waste 6 months of development just to add a fully fledged chat screen to your iOS app. Follow our documentation to see how simple adding a chat screen really is: a single line of code. That’s all it takes.

This app also contains all the features included in our Chat App Template, being a more complete version of it.

Technical Details

  • Written in Swift, built with the latest version of Xcode
  • Video & Audio calling is built via WebRTC
  • Messages are stored in Firebase Firestore database
  • Photos, Videos, and Audio Messages are all automatically uploaded & stored in Firebase Storage
  • User Management (Login. Registration) is done via Firebase Auth
  • Push Notifications are sent via Firebase Cloud Messaging (directly from the Swift code – no need for Firebase functions)
  • Push Kit & Call Kit integration is done via Firebase (the source code contains the Firebase function that sends out push kit notifications to Apple’s APNs)
  • Code is extremely highly modularized – here are a few code snippets
    swift codeswift module

Are you looking for a specific feature to add to your video & audio calling app? Please let us know – we are always working hard to improve our app templates in order to help you out with your requirements. We are thriving to offer the most complete iOS app templates on the market, so please drop us a line with your feedback and recommendations.

This app template is also the best way to learn how to build a video & audio calling app in Swift. Get your hands dirty and learn from the experts by browsing the code to understand deep iOS concepts, such as sockets and networking. Learning Swift has never been more fun.

We’ve also built the exact same app template for Android, in Kotlin. You can download it from here. If you are interested in both iOS and Android versions of this video chat app template, you should consider purchasing the video chat bundle to take advantage of a generous discount.

Is there anything missing from our iOS video & audio calling app? Please let us know via our contact form – our goal is to provide the most complete video chat app on the market, so we are always looking for feedback and ideas to enhance the current products.