• Real Estate iPhone App with Backend
  • Geolocation, maps, filters, search, chat, and more.
  • Gorgeous UI design, inspired by Airbnb
  • Awesome customer support & documentation
  • App Store Demo
  • Money back guaranteed
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Build your own mobile app in minutes with our Real Estate iPhone App Template

Be the next Trulia, Zillow or Airbnb! Launch your own realty app to the App Store in a matter of minutes, by downloading this fully-coded iOS template. With a cutting-edge design, this real estate iPhone app template will help you stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of the next property boom. We are your app maker! Just add your real estate properties to Firebase (which is free) and launch your real estate finder app today!

Boost your sales by providing your potential customers an amazing native experience via a highly-customized mobile app. Take advantage of our rich features to improve your business’ bottom line.

Sell more homes right away, by jumpstarting your real estate mobile app development. This beautifully designed app template will integrate easily with any real estate API as well as any realty website backend. A clean UI, optimized for sales conversions, inspired by Airbnb, is exactly what your future customers will be thrilled with.

Property management apps have gained a lot of ground in the past years. Providing future homeowners with a native experience enhances the process of looking for a house and makes you or your agency stand out from the crowd. A realtor mobile app can be crucial for real estate agencies since this is the best way to stay very close to potential customers, interested in the properties that are currently on the market.

35+ App Designs Screens of our Real Estate iPhone App Template

seller app template

Fully implemented features

  • Integrated with Backend System, so the app is working end-to-end
  • Support for unlimited real estate items, grouped in home categories
  • Beautiful stories format on the home screen, displaying featured categories
  • Real Estate items displayed in a Grid View on the home screen, to tempt your customers
  • Save for later functionality, crucial for customers looking to see/find multiple houses
  • Map View screen, displaying houses on a map, to simplify apartment hunting by location
  • Geolocation
  • Filters screen, to narrow down the search to your customers’ specific preferences
  • Advanced filters, classified by category
  • Chat
    • Real-time messaging
    • Photo & Video messages
    • Audio messages
    • Push Notifications
    • Clickable URLs with Webview support
    • Full screen media viewer
  • Categories screen, to organize all your offerings effectively and drive sales
  • Listings screen, to display a bird’s eye view of all the offerings in a specific category
  • Home Details screen, to display in an attractive visual way, critical information such as
    • Swipeable Carousel of photos, with the house & amenities
    • Name/Title of the real estate building/apartment
    • Detailed description, containing any possible pieces of information you wish to present
    • A map, with the exact location of the property, so that customers locate the house immediately
  • Search screen, to allow users to search for even more specific keywords
  • Saved items screen, to revisit the desired homes any time
  • Toggling between list view and map view
  • Filters and their list of options are being automatically retrieved from Firebase Database
  • Tab Bar navigation, inspired by Apple’s design principles
  • Facebook Login, saving users into your backend Firebase database
  • Firebase Auth Login with Email & Password
  • Sign in with Apple
  • “Remember login details” functionality, to keep users logged in for a long time
  • Everything is being stored and fetched from Firebase Firestore backend
  • Admin functionality to add a new posting, including amazing features such as:
    • Location Picker with Map View
    • Multiple photos upload
    • iPhone Camera Photo integration
    • Photo Gallery picker
    • The uploaded photos are being stored in Firebase Storage
    • Category Picker, where categories are automatically fetched from Firebase
    • Filters Selection, automatically synced with Firebase
    • Approval process for new listing + Removal capabilities
  • Profile Management
    • Edit account details
    • Change profile photo
    • Settings
    • Contact us call button
  • Reviews and Rating system
  • Dark Mode support
  • Performance improvements such as loading indicators, error and success messages, image caching, empty states, etc.

Technical Details

  • Impeccable Swift code, running on the latest version of Xcode
  • Great code architecture, highly-customizable and well documented
  • Using established Pods, such as Kingfisher & Alamofire
  • Highly modularized code, separating out the UI layer, model layer, API layer, controller layer, etc.
  • Turn on Full Firebase Backend integration by changing one line:

iOS Swift app Firebase enable code

  • Take a look at how easy it is to change the colors & fonts across the entire app:

Real Estate iPhone App Template


If you are an iOS developer, looking to develop a Swift Real Estate app or even looking to learn how to develop an iOS app in Swift, this Xcode app template is the perfect place to start. Great architecture, clean code, and amazing modularization. Simply the perfect real estate iPhone app template!

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