• SwiftUI Instagram Clone
  • Ephemeral Stories, Photo Filters, Follow, Push Notifications, and more
  • Fully functional social network app
  • Integrated with Firebase Backend
  • Xcode project written in SwiftUI & Swift
  • Money back guaranteed
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Make a Fully Functional Instagram Clone using SwiftUI in Minutes

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Build your own Instagram-like social network app for iOS, using our fully customizable SwiftUI Instagram clone template. Integrated with Firebase backend, our SwiftUI codebase is a fully functional app, working end to end. The app has all the core features of any social network and it’s ready to be published to the App Store right away.

Completely built in SwiftUI, our Instagram clone is the most complete app template that you can find on the market. With a modern tech stack, combining the power of SwiftUI with Firebase, the app scales to millions of users from day one.

You can save tens of thousands of dollars and 12 months of development by starting with a fully fledged app template instead of wasting time, money and energy on reinventing the wheel. Developers are expensive and time is even more expensive, so stay ahead of your competition by launching much faster and at a fraction of the cost. Our developers, with experience in companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, built this SwiftUI Instagram clone app so you can use it right away.

Why Buy Our SwiftUI Instagram Clone

  • Save 6 months of design and development
  • Save more than $10.000
  • Save energy, stress and headaches
  • Coded by former Instagram, Facebook and Twitter engineers

How It Works

  • Download the full source code of our SwiftUI Instagram app for iOS
  • Link the codebase to your own Firebase account
  • Make any customizations you want, as the codebase is completely customizable
  • Submit your app to the App Store

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Instagram Filters




Dark Mode



SwiftUI Instagram Clone – Features

  • Home & Explore Feed
    • Home Feed
    • Posts from followers
    • Everything is fully integrated with Firebase backend
    • Real-time updates from followers
    • Explore Feed (popular posts from non-followers)
    • Reverse chronological order
  • Stories
    • Post New Story
    • Camera
    • Import from Photo Library
    • Ephemeral:¬†Stories disappear after 24h¬†(customizable)
    • Unlimited stories per user
    • Videos & Photos
  • Posts
    • Create a new post
    • Instagram Photo Filters
    • Check-ins / Location Picker
    • Multiple photo uploads / Photo Carousel
    • Interactive Location Picker
    • Import Photos from Library
    • Photo Camera integration
    • Videos
      • Upload from Library / Take Video
      • In-feed Autoplay
      • Video Player
      • Full screen video player
    • Full-screen Media Viewer
      • Pull to Dismiss
    • Full-screen Swipe Photo Carousel
    • Delete Post
    • Report / Block Post
    • Post Details with Comments List
    • Emojis
    • Automatic upload to Firebase Database and Storage
  • Reactions
    • Instagram Likes
    • Unlike
    • Notifications when someone reacts on your posts
    • Automatically synced to Firebase
    • Real-time Like Count
  • Comments
    • Add a Comment
    • Reverse¬†chronological order
    • Real-time Comment Count
  • Chat
    • Private 1-1 Messaging
    • Groups
      • Create a Group
      • Leave Group
      • Rename Group
    • Real-time Chat
    • Push Notifications for each message
    • Photo Sharing
    • Full-screen Media Viewer
    • Emojis
    • Clickable URLs
    • Fully integrated with Firebase Backend
  • Social Graph Management
    • Follow / Unfollow / Follow Back
    • Social graph management
    • Followers List
    • Followings List
    • Friends of Friends List
    • Push Notifications on follow actions
    • Integrated with Firebase backend
    • Search Followers / Followings
  • Profiles
    • Profile Photos
    • Friends List
    • Settings
    • Account Details
    • Edit Profile
  • User Management
    • New User Onboarding
    • Sign in with Apple
    • Login with Facebook
    • Login with E-mail & Password
    • Login with Face ID / Touch ID
    • Sign up
    • Terms of Service (required by Apple Guidelines)
    • Remember Password feature
    • Logout functionality
    • Integration with Firebase Auth & Firebase Storage
  • User Reporting & Blocking (required by Apple Guidelines)
  • Share Post to other social media apps (Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WeChat, Weibo, Copy Link, etc)
  • Push Notifications
  • Dark Mode support
  • Loading States
  • Empty States

Whether you are learning Swift/SwiftUI or you are building the next big social network, our fully customizable source code is the perfect way to start. Bootstrap your iOS development by starting with our SwiftUI Instagram clone template, to save money, time and energy. Get a scalable and high-quality codebase, written by experienced software engineers, with work experience in companies such as Instagram and Twitter. Our team provides the most complete iOS app templates that you can find on the market, so please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.