In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to customize our finance app template, in order to make it ready to be published to the App Store. Let’s build your own banking app template, by customizing the user interface, by adding your own backend to feed the financial data, and by changing the branding elements to fit your company/startup. For most of the UI customizations, there’s no coding required. You will need to know how to code though if you’re looking to add your own custom backend.

banking app template

How to integrate my own backend server?

All the data sources are provided in FinanceDataSourceProvider . Right now, most of them return static data, which is the data you can see in the app templates. For example:

var portfolioCashDataSource: ATCGenericCollectionViewControllerDataSource {
        return ATCGenericLocalHeteroDataSource(items:
            [CardHeaderModel(title: "Cash")] +
So this returns all the cash accounts, from a static array (portfolioCashAccounts). The data source returning static data is called ATCGenericLocalHeteroDataSource .To integrate your own networking layer (e.g. backend server), you only need to replace that data source with your own.
You can either create a new data source class, and make it conforms to the ATCGenericCollectionViewControllerDataSource protocol, or you can use existing data sources, such as ATCFirebaseFirestoreDataSource which we’ve already written for you (at the very least you can use it as an example to see how the network requests are being made and how the results are processed and sent back).

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